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Rentals and Sales Listings


    Looking for time up at Powder Ridge for the Spring and Summer?


    Want to plan a family reunion or just get away for a few days?


    Call our office @ 801-745-3722 for our Spring and Summer Rental Specials!

    Ask for either Stef or Cathy.

    What an inexpensive way to vacation!




    Important Buyer & Seller Tips
    All Owners must contact VRI for ownership transfer questions

    Never pay upfront fees for a company to sell your timeshare. The company should not collect any payment until the unit is sold!

    1. Find out what you actually own. Gather all ownership documentation (deeds, legal descriptions, assignment & assumption docs, or club docs).

    2. Understand any costs to sell. Find out if a transfer, or any other fees, are required to update ownership records.

    3. Find out if there are any restrictions for the buyer. Is your account a RCI Points account? Does the new owner want to participate in points? Know what forms and steps are required for the transfer or deactivation of the account.

    4. Find out what is required by your resort or management company to transfer title of the interval. Do you need to forward a copy of the newly recorded deed, or assumption docs, along with a transfer fee, to the resort or management company?